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Fishing Report

Phil Lilley

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Took my uncle Jerry out this morning early. Headed down to Roark to check out the crappie. Caught a few crappie along with some blue gill, bass, and white bass. The 2 whites we caught were big- 2 & 3 pounds and guess what they had in their bellys - a dozen sculpin in each. I caught them on swimming minnows just outside the mouth of the creek. We caught the others on swimming minnows also.

Headed back to the dock and picked up Jerry's daughter Susan and her 2 kids, John and Mary. Megan and Caleb, 2 of my kids, followed in one of our jons. We anchored above Short Creek and fished air-injected night crawlers.


Jerry with an 18 inch brown. This turkey (the trout) almost pulled my rod in the water the first time I hooked it- the reel on the side of the boat saved it- it broke off. The next time I landed it and it did indeed had 2 hooks in it's mouth.



John with his mom and first trout.


My 2 kids each with rainbows.


Jerry and Mary with her first trout.


How many species of fish do you see? Add a spotted bass, a largemouth and a few blue gill and that's what we caught this morning.

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Looks like your Good Friday continued into Saturday if you did fish on Good Friday. It sure is blast out there with the kids, I know that Madelyn loves it because everytime I hook up to the boat she wants to go fishing and she is only 2 1/2 years old. What a great time and great pics.


To Know People Is To Know Thier Ways!

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