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I fished the Aunts Creek area on Sat. afternoon with limited success. I decided to go shallow and give it a try. I ended the afternoon with 5 fish--nothing of any size and I lost one that would have gone around 3 pounds. I was mainly throwing a split shot rig but I did hook my better fish on a Yum craw bug. I also threw a spinnerbait for a while with no luck. I don't know if some of the fish were on the points still but I thought the shallow water bite would have been a bit better than it was. I didn't fish the points mainly due to the high winds but maybe I should have sucked it up. Anyone else have better luck?? I know some did real early in the a.m. but I was wondering about the afternoon.

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What do you mean by shallow? There are lots of fish being caught in that area, and the flat coves on the east side headed back toward the White River.

Most of the split-shot or rig fish are coming in the 12 to 18 ft. range. I never fish much shallower than that. I bet if you had put your boat in 15 to 20 ft. of water and fished any of those areas that have the least ammount of wind on them it would maby have worked. A little mixed chunk rock and gravel have been holding alot of pre-spawn fish.

It is also time to throw the fluke or slugo. Fish are being taken on a sinko also. The fish will rise to any of the floating plastics, so depth is not quite as critical as the drag baits.

Thats a great area this time of year. I bet you get them next time

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I might have been a bit to shallow. I kept the boat betweeen 10 and 15 feet so maybe I should have just moved out a bit. All the banks were pretty wind blown and that is why I resorted to something with some weight and did not throw the senko much. I will give it another shot this week sometime. Thanks for all your reports--they are always a help!!

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