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White Bass


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Has anyone had any real success fishing for whites on the James this week. I went just bellow McCord's Bend Friday night. Caught one bluegill and one dink crappie.

Has the lack of rain killed the run? It was my understanding that they were stacked in thick last week. Where have they gone?

Surely someone is willing to shed some light on this subject.

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A buddy and I fished McCord Bend last Thursday night [13th] well after dark with about the same results. I zeroed out, but my buddy had one good white, a sucker, several silver sides, and one nice fish we never got a good look at. We didn’t go near James over the holiday weekend as we figured there would be a ton of people fishing. I wish I could report something better, but can’t at this time. We did see a few small stringers caught, but not the usual white bass run that we’ve had in years past on the James. I can only speculate that the unusual warm dry spring may just shut them off this year.


AKA Flysmith - Cassville MO

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Have fished around the McCord Bend 3 times this year I have caught a ton of crappie and only about 5 white bass. Most of the fish that I have caught have been further down the lake. Went Sunday 04/16 evening for about 2 1/2 hrs and caught 6 keeper crappie and a few shorts. Fishing was not that good until the wind died down just before sunset then the bites picked up.

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