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Rod And Reel For Table rock

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You must be more specific... what lure and application are you fishing? Spinner baits? Jigs? Plastics-carolina rig? Top water? Stick baits? Other?

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Thought I'd throw my 2cents in on your question. First, if I'm throwing crankbaits, which I love to do.. Bandit 300 series pearl black, I use a Shimano Curado baitcaster on a 7' MH Falcon rod. I highly reconmend the baitcaster, prefereably with a 6.2:1 gear ratio or higher to maintain a steady retrieve you can use all day. I like the longer rods so I can cast farther and I like a somewhat soft tip so I can feel the vibration of the bait better. The lighter the line you throw will allow your crankbait to get that much deeper, I use 8-10lb test on all my rods at Table Rock.

For soft plastics, mostly finesse gear at Table Rock, I use a Quantum Catalyst spinning reel with 8lb PLine flourocarbon on a 7' medium action Falcon spinning rod. Again the long rod helps for casting and the medium action has a soft tip I can feel the bottom real well with. I have the same reel on a Medium Heavy action rod, but like the Medium action better. Flourocarbon line helps your bait and line sink to the bottom better.

Top water: I might be different here, but I use a Shimano Curado or Quantum ACS on a 6' MH falcon rod with 10lb mono. I personally like the shorter rod length so I can work my bait faster (mostly a spook at Table Rock). The mono floats better and helps the action of the bait run on top better.

Spinner Baits: I switch between spinning reels and baitcasters. They both work great to me.

Overall I fish with my baitcasters more, simply because I have much better accuracy fishing with them, but the spinning reels are growing on me fast.. especially the Finesse fishing and Drop Shot techniques at the Rock.

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