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Despite the somewhat windy conditions this week many anglers have consistently taken home nice limits of crappie. The spawn is in the early stages so they are hitting well on the warmer areas of the lake and just starting to get in the swing of things here at The Tailrace. Thus we are still seeing lots of males, but now with quite a few nice sized sows in the mix. Morning and evening bite continue best of course. Fewer reports of whites and hybrids this week, but occasionally they just turn on unexpectedly for loads of fun for a while. Catfish have been good with lots of 1-15 lb. fish and several reported 20 lb. plus. With snagging season winding down, we're seeing some real nice fish snagged now here on the upper end of Lake of the Ozarks /Osage. The COE has kept the gate open just a bit, and some afternoons and into the evening run the generators keeping things interesting for us. I look for more running time, as LOZ is so low the good folks downstream will really be in a bad way if they don't get some water by Memorial Day. Another fine weekend to get out of the house. See you at The Tailrace.

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