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Fishing Report

Sam Potter

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I have had a death in the family and it has taken me some time to get back to the stream. I had three clients this week and have a couple of reports for you.

The Current river is very low, and very clear. I believe it is flowing about 50% of its normal flow for this time of year. There have been some caddis hatches and the crane flies are going well. The larger caddis brown/yellow is coming off about 7:30-8:00 PM and of course the Cranes are also popping about this time. I was told that caddis were also hatching in the morning, but I wasn't there so I can't tell you the size or the color. The ones we saw in the afternoon were very small, brown/purple about a size 20. The fish were not very active during the afternoon, but seemed to be getting after the bugs in the evening. I wouldn't call it real active, but there were, at least some rises, and splashes. There was NO activity during the afternoon.

We fished the little piney creek and mill creek yesterday with limited success. The fish of the day was the first one hooked, but he broke off about 5 seconds into the fight. We fished with dry flies, mostly Adams, and some soft hackles. The bright sun in the afternoon didn't help and of course there wasn't much bug activity, except in the morning. If you fish the little piney, make sure you have some #18-20 black caddis. They always seem to be flying around when we go there. The little piney creek as well as Mill creek are very low and very clear right now. A low profile and slow approach will get you more takes than a walk right up on top of them as fast as you can go approach. The fish are very spooky in this low clear water condition.

"A bad day fishing is still a Great Day"


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