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Night fishing still good?

Fish Bork

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Oh they should be. Leonard may be out of town so he may not answer, being the authority on night fishing that he is. The lake is low though - 701.0!! I hate it when Empire/Powersite draws the lake down like this.

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Try a lightly weighted white wooly (or small floating rapala's just drifting and short twiches)... with the over cast clouds.. it shoud be great...

start around chute 1 and work your way down to the rock between 1 & 2..

Below the rebar probably got hit hard this weekend.. so they may be a little spooky... but hardly any one stay between 1 & 2 for any lenth of time.

The boat ramp (hatchery side) will be good too.... its got a really deep run in it... and they kinda stage there at night

Luck too you.. wish I could join you!!!

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