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Fishing Report

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The wife and I slipped off for a few hours of fishing today. It's a long drive down (almost three hours), but was well worth it just to get out and get into the water. We fished for about 3 hours and ended up with just over 10 fish between the two of us. Sue did catch and land her first fish "by herself" today. It was a brown about 12" long. I think she's hooked and I have a new fishing partner!

We fished from just below outlet #2 to the rebar hole. The Zebra midge #16 and #18 topped of the "A" list. Closely followed by a #8 Mikey Finn and a #8 Baby Rainbow Bucktail Streamer. The browns couldn't leave the Mickey Finn alone. Once the thunderstorms rolled in we decided it was time to head back to Kansas.

All in all it was a great day. Good weather (to start with), good company and some good fishing. Can't wait until we can sneek off again. Maybe this time we can spend a couple of days instead of just a few hours.

Tight Lines . . . John

Born to Fish, Forced to Work


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