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Fishing Report

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Well, headed down to fish this weekend. Fishing was a little dissapointing.

Thursday night, went down to the barker hole, nothing. Went up a little to the small beaver dam before the Barker Hole, heard there was a some crappie in there.No crappie caught, 2 whites.

Friday-Got some Top Water Minnows and fished the mouth of Swan on the river run side. My experience is if they aren't biting top waters they aren't biting anything, guess my experience doesn't always hold true. Caught 1 white in the mouth of Swan during the evening bite, while a gentleman on the bank caught 4 with a yellow rooster tail. Fished up until 9:30-10:00, nothing. :(

Saturday-About 12:00 went up to the dam (very shallow in spots, less then a foot) and would float down past silver creek about a hundred yards then motor back up and float down. We were catching about 1-2 whites per pass, for 3-4 passes, but then they quit. Caught and released a small 16 inch walleye, that was about it. If I were going back, I would wade out by silver creek on that gravel bar. That might be as good of spot as any right now, with the water being so shallow you can get quite a ways out there with waders. Saturday night fished again until about 10:30 and nothing was caught after the evening bite. Went up to the tin horns and maiden hole on Friday to check out the action, seemed to be pretty slow up there.

My advice, if you want to catch some fish then better go somewhere else! If you want to relax and take it easy then your probably fine! :wacko:

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