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Late July Trout Fishing Advice ?


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I'll be coming up from Texas to float the Current for a few days in late July and would appreciate any specific recommendations concerning trout fishing at that time of year.

1) Put In Choice - Will I find significant difference in my opportunities if I put in at Cedargrove vs Baptist for that late into the summer ? I'm wondering if the deeper pools further downstream might outweigh the colder water upstream. I was planning Cedargrove to Pulltite or maybe Round Spring.

2) Flies to Tie - I'm thinking I should be planning nymphs/emergers (bead head midges, jigs, sculpin, etc) to carry me through the daylight hours. Any advice in this regard ?

3) Other Suggestions/Common Mistakes to Avoid - Guidance would be appreciated.

Many Thanks.

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If you get to far down stream, you will get out of the best trout water. Maybe someone that knows that stretch of water will give you some advise.

Bring your smallmouth gear. This river can be great in the summer.

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I'll add my two cents. If you're after trout only, put in at Baptist and go as far down as Akers. Water levels in July could make for some inconsistent floating, especially with a loaded canoe, but the abundance of good trout water is worth it. Cedargrove on down offers more consistent floating but the trout numbers are going to be more dependent on when the most recent stocking is. If you go below Akers you're looking at more smallmouth than trout in my experience.

Having said this, there's a lot of people on this board with much more experience with Current River trout water than I.

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If you have flexibility on when you can float try your best to do so Mon.-Thurs.. Any attempts at flyfishing (or even spin fishing) for trout below Cedar Grove are challenged by the insane number of canoes that hatch on the river Fri-Sun. from May through September. Even Baptist to Cedar Grove has moderate traffic, despite the poor floating conditions (i.e. low water levels). If you must float a weekend, start very early and be prepared for interruptions in your casting as canoers float by. Not to say you can't catch fish, but its frustrating trying to work a hole when canoes are constantly moving through and especially if people are flipping over.

With that said, fishing the deep holes is your best bet, since most of the fish will be spooked out of the shallower runs and riffles. An assortment of weighted woolly buggers, leeches and other minnow/crayfish streamers are effective and may land a smallie or two. For dawn/dusk, hatches of blue wing olives, tricos and other tiny mayflies are possible, mostly size 18 and smaller for BWOs. The tricos on this river can get very tiny--28s. Caddis emergence in the evenings sometimes--size 16 or 18 in tan or olive cover the bases well on top and emerger patterns fished just below the surface. Alternatively a soft hackle swung through the current can also be effective.

Below Cedar Grove you will find stocked rainbow trout, but from Baptist to Cedar its primarily brown trout.

Many of the patterns you mentioned are effective when fished at the right time and place. Finding those conditions is always the fun part.

For spin fishing, jigs are a good bet. Also, be aware of the special regulations from Baptist to Cedar and then from Cedar on down.

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Good advice above. If you must go on a weekend. Get in early and fish, do something else till the floatillas clear out, then fish down behind them. Give a hole 20-30 minutes rest and the fish usually come back out to play, plus most of the boats will be off the water an hour or two before dusk and thats when you want to fish anyway.

Baptist to Cedar is usually the best fishing stretch in terms of numbers of fish, and trophy potential. Its brown trout water, so go with streamers, large terrestrials, or crankbaits. Cedar to Aker offers some of the best scenery (Welch Spring, Medlock Cave, etc), and can be good fishing for rainbow trout if the stocking truck has been by recently. Go with nymphs, buggers, and eggs. The Akers to Pulltite stretch has never really fished well for me but its worth it just to see Cave Spring. Pulltite to Round fishes a little better than Akers to Pulltite Stretch, but the smallmouth fishing is much better below Round Spring. I usually go with poppers, soft plastics, or buggers below Akers.

Its hard to predict water levels, but youll probably have to drag a few shoals between Baptist & Welch in July, but its not too bad even at dead low water (1.1 at Akers). 3.5-4.0 is about the limit of what I'd consider fishable, and theres a good chance that the NPS will close the river when its up that high. Cheers.

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