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wishin i was fishin

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Ive had nothin but trouble with ole blue the fishin wagon.Had trouble with big motor and trollin motor has had better days also.Maybe have problems solved but need to know if i should even try bull shoals this weekend.Hows the water . Is it muddy as all get out?Also how fast is it rising, how much junk floating in lake?Id drive over there but my wifey poo has my truck lookin for hunny do stuff while im not fishin.Please help a fellow get back into the fishin is great house work can wait mode .

oh god shes pricin carpet!!!!!!

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Shows BS coming up a bit but I wouldn't think there'd be any bad runoff. TR isn't muddy and neither is Taney. Our rains have been steady rains- not gully washers. Level is almost up to powerpool- fantastic! Crowds will be much less on BS than TR. If you go I'd really be interested in what you find. It's hard to get a report from BS.

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just got back

the lake is rising fairly fast but isnt muddy (at least where i was)

we caught a lot off crappie but they were in varied places and we didnt seem to find em bunched up. trouble was ,the wind was blowing so hard we couldnt keep the boat in one place for long if at all.

we found them in standing timber one day and in or near sunken brush other days. they appear to be post spawn.the eggs werent bloody for the most part. also lucked into a couple white bass of good size.

biggest crappie and there were a couple of them measured 15 inches.

didnt try bass fishing altho i did get one on a topwater bait.

im thinkin next week if the wind doesnt do what it did to us will be great!!!

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