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Fishing Report

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Sooner Lake is just north of Stillwater, OK. John Johnson asked me to come over and fish for hybrids along with his friend Joe and I said sure. I did a quick trip and for my age, I wouldn't recommend it. I left last night at 9 pm and got to the lake at 1:30 am. I slept in the van thru a lighting storm and rain and woke up to John calling me at 5:30 am.

We got on the lake at 6 and headed to the north side of and "cold" side of the lake where we immediately found some hybrids on a wind driven bank. We casted chug bugs and hooked up on several nice fish. I missed several blowups before hooking my first hybrid. We bounced around the lake for the next 4 hours and caught fish on almost every bank we stopped. About 8 am we started throwing rattle traps because they quit htting the topwater baits.

We ended up cleaning 31 fish, about 6 were small whites and the others were hybrids ranging from 3-6 pounds.



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