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Just joined this forum and I'm really enjoying it already. I was just wondering if anyone has been doing some river smallmouth fishing. I don't want locations, but just want to know how people are doing in general and what's been working for you right now. I've been either fishing topwater, or fishing in riffles and current. I don't want to disturb any spawning fish. Been catching very few on spooks and poppers, and most of my fish have been caught drifting and twitching tubes in fast, deep water. No monsters this year, with the biggest only going 14, but the fish are all veryThanks for any feedback!


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By "river" which do you mean?

I'm planning a float trip or two the next 10 days with my daughter before she heads to K-Colorado for 6 weeks. Thinking about a 2-day trip- may be the Current.

But I am fishing for smallies... I throw a 3/32 oz sculpin marabou jig that they will not leave alone.

If you're looking for river fishing, this is the place to be.

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Read the lastest post on the Current, Eleven point, and the Gasgonade. I believe there are reports on smallies on all three.

I did great 2 weekends ago on the Current, and have a buddy that did well this weekend on the Huzzah. If the rivers are in good condition, the fish should be biting. 2 weeks ago, we couldn't keep them of a white grub. Most fish came from 4-8 ft around structure and current seams.

I need to figure out how to get out this weekend, but w/ my daughter having a double header Saturday, and Sunday being mother's day, it doesn't look good.

" Too many hobbies to work" - "Must work to eat and play"

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We're hoping to have a successful rendezvous on the G'nade this weekend, but it looks like it could,literally, be a washout.

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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Wenton my first creek fishin trip today.Me and a coworker decided to try swan at the hulls ford slab.We walked downstream and used a variety of lures.It didnt look good at first and then we saw a family coming up from downstream with a very respecable stringer of fish.I figured they are all caught.Boy was I wrong.We prolly caught and released 50 fish in 2 hours in the ripples.Some were very nice up to 2 lbs, most were smaller but they where very good fighters.The stream was very clear and still cool, saw several nice trout in the creek also.

[ [

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