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Circa 1925 reel

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This is a photo of a Barney&Berry reel and a bit of info. I recieved from a fellow at oldreels.com. I've looked around and have yet to find out just how much this particular reel would be worth. It is in excellent condition as well. I've checked eBay but there was nothing comparable being auctioned. If anyone could guestimate a price for me, I'd appreciate it.


Hi Patrick:

Barney & Berry was an 1800s manufacturer that was mainly in the business of making roller and ice skates. Around 1920 Winchester purchased Barney & Berry and started making their skates under the B&B and also the Winchester logo. In c1925 Winchester started putting the B&B name on other types of sporting goods and selling to gun dealers. That reel is the smallest of the fly reels produced with the B&B stamping. It is collectible, but worth about half the value of the same reel with the Winchester stamp. You might want to search eBay for similar reels with both the B&B and Winchester label.

Phil White

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