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Fishing Report Upper Current River

Sam Potter

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Fishing Report May 10, 06

I checked the USGS river levels today before I left the house. It was a good thing I did, the Current River blew out today. It went from about 450 cfs to 3,000 in about 3 hours. A friend of mine sent me an e-mail telling me that he had heard that they evacuated the camp grounds at Montauk Park for safety reasons. I decided to fish the little piney creek instead. It took me about 10 minutes to drive to the creek and another 10 minutes to get dressed and walk to the hole I planned to fish. When I got there the creek was up a little, but with good color. I fished for about 3 hours, catching 6 rainbows and 2 smallmouth on streamers. They were not hitting hard today, I ended up missing 4 fish on soft takes. I was in the water about thigh deep when I started to notice the current picking up and the stream getting a little debris. It was time for me to move into shallower water. It wasn't too long after that the color started to change and in about 10 minutes the creek was up about a foot and it turned to a chocolate milk color. It was time to go home. I checked the water levels when I got home, and the Current had peaked and was dropping. It should be OK by the weekend if we don't get more rain. With the ground totally saturated from recent rains, any more rain we get will run off into the streams. The Flash Flood warning signs posted on the Current River are there for a reason.

"A bad day fishing is still a Great Day"


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