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Fishing Report

Phil Lilley

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The lake is coming up! Great to have some fresh water coming in to flush

out the lake.

I have missed a couple of days of fishing this week because of all the

rain but I just came in from checking a few spots out and caught fish

every place I stopped.

The black bass are biting on a variety of patterns but the best for me

the last few days are a spinerbait on cloudy days and flipping the

willows with a tube all the time.

The white bass are beginning to school on top in a few places on the

lake and just about anything will catch them when you find them on top.

I have been catching a few good crppie and some 15 foot dropooffs. This

mostly morning fishing.

While I was on the lake just a few minutes ago I ran into a friend on the

water who was catfishing. He said he had caught 8 good blue cats in just

the last hour. He was anchored fishing the mid lake area flats in about

10 feet of water.

The summer patterns are starting to show up and it looks like a good

summer of fishing is about to start.

See you on the water.

Lilleys Landing logo 150.jpg

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