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Night Tourney


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I fished a club tourney friday night. The water was up about two feet. We went up the sac river and fished some of the pockets above birch branch. The water was muddy about 1.5 miles above birch. We caught a smattering of skinny 14" largemouths on spinnerbaits. I felt like the best fishing was off the bank closer to the timber, especially along the river channel. The fishing was slow, so we decided to move down the lake. We fished gooser until the sun came up. we caught a lot of 12" smallmouths and a few larger ky's/largmouths in there on the spinnerbaits. Our best fish was a 2.85 L-mouth on a jig. We fished in the morning around Ruark Bluff until 8. In the morning we caught fish on a chug bug, a bomber crankbait and a worm rigged on a jighead.

All in all, my partner and I didn't fare to well. The better fish came from the clearer water farther down the lake around the state park and Hawker area.

Big Bass was just under 5lbs and Heavy stringer was approx 13lbs.

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