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Jeremy Hunt

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FISHING REPORT 5-18,19 2006

Been fishing Rim Shoals just about everyday now for the last week. It has been hit or miss because of the weather we had. It is a lot better now I must say. All I can say is if you are not fishing Zebra midges on the White River then you are definitely missing out on some great fishing. It is crazy the way that fly works. We are fishing it with 6x and the sizes we are having the most luck on are 14. I would say black is the best color right now, but red is working to.

In the evening we are having some good fishing on dries throwing size 16 elk hair caddis. Fishing them at Jenkins creek in the fast riffles. They seem to like it best on the tail out of the riffles when the current slows down a little bit. I’m also swinging them a little bit or making them do some crazy twitch. That is about all I’m fishing right now. Having too much fun fishing these two patterns.

I want to say that we are having a little problem with algae growing in the shallower water at Rim. We need to get some generating to push this stuff out. You will notice that some of the water you normally catch fish in is probably covered in moss. The only parts that you are really able to catch fish in are the deeper areas or the faster water. Most of all the slack water that is shallow with little to no current has moss beads growing so much that there all over the surface. Everybody is saying they have not seen it like this.



This is definitely one of those stories that you have to see it to believe it. My father and I had one of the best days fishing together for trout so far. We will never forget this one. We haven’t fished there for a while, but somebody told us through the grapevine that the fish were loaded in Wildcat Shoals right now so we went to give it a shot. They were right… the fish were loaded in the deeper stretches of the river. So many that when you threw your fly out there you would have more than one fish try to get the fly. You could set the hook and miss one and then continue your drift without recasting it and get another hit on the same drift. It was like they have never seen a fly before or like they were all wild trout in the middle of nowhere. We really thought maybe it had something to do with our choice of fly we were using, but after we fished that fly for awhile we wanting to see how many flies we could catch these trout on so we switched over to a big dry in a size 4 and it was doing the same thing the zebra midge was doing. It didn’t matter what you had that day. I guess that famous saying, being at the right place at the right time fit so well that day. I even started striping the dry right under the surface column with long fast strips and pausing just a second before I started the strip again and getting some big takes doing that. Most of the bigger fish caught that day were on that presentation on the dry. I know that I saw about four trout over 10 pounds in the area we were fishing. I’m going back right now to see if we can’t catch one of those lunkers!!

The dry fly that I’m talking about is on the fly recipe page. It is called the BIG DRY.

You wont leave home without this fly once you see what can be caught on this thing. I started fishing it last year and it has not let me down yet.



Accept the drift.....<>>><


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