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Ok maybe a dumb question maybe not. I live 3 hours away and everytime I come up and not staying at a resort or somewhere that has fish cleaning stations I am faced with the question of where do I clean these fish. Usually I bring them home on ice but after driving three hours the last thing I want to do is clean fish. The last time I decided to clean them in my boat right by the ramp dock at the MDC ramp at Cooper Creek and I'm on my last fish and guess who comes by... yup game warden checking traps. Lucky all he said was "that's not a good idea". I said thank you and on the trailer I went. So what do you do and why do you think the MDC does not have a cleaning station there?

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Drive down to our place and use one of 3 stations on our dock, if you're close. We don't mind at all. You might stop in the office, if we're open, and let us know you're down there.

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I've just stood on the bank before and cleaned my trout and tossed the guts in the lake again for the trout and suckers to eat.

When your done, just swish the fillets around in the water a little bit and clean them up better when you get home.

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