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Fish aren't starting till later in the morning

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It's been the pattern at least out of boats in and out of the trophy area that the fish just aren't excited about anything till the wind start and that's been about 9:30 - 10 am. Then it's gets pretty good. See the fishing report for 5/21 for what they're biting on... still the same.

The generation this week has cleared out alot of the gunk all thru the upper end but the bottom of the lake is still covered with algea/ dead algea? Whatever it is it can't be good for the scuds. Speaking of stuff growing in the lake, all along the banks esp below Fall Creek, there's a pond weed growing- which isn't unusual in itself- but the amount that's already grown is unusual for this time of year. Entangled with this growth is a green algea, slimmy in texture and it's thick.

I have seen alot of forage fish in the weeds behind our dock- a good number of this years spawn- finglerings of some kind and lots of them.

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