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What Is Your Favorite Fishing Season?

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I would have to say Autumn is my favorite time to fish. You have just come off the brutal summer heat and things are cooling off. The fish get more active as the water cools too. And fall is when I tend to catch more numbers larger fish. Especially largemouth on the rives. Now I will admit that dealing with the falling leaves can be frustrating but, the beauty of it to me is well worth it. And also while floating you will see more wildlife on your trips as they too are working to prepare for winter. You can just smell the winter coming.

Of course there ain't nothing like the winter fishing. There are times you can catch a warm day in the winter and just have the time of your life catching bass. But you can also catch them on a cold winters day. And that can be a real challange. But I mainly target trout in the winter. And that is the great thing about winter. I haven't fished for trout in about 9 months and I am ready! There is nothing like fishing for a wild trout as the snow is falling either. That is just breath taking. Man I love winter fishing!

Bring on the Spring I say! Ahhh just the smell of spring. There ain't a better season. Everything is coming back to life. Its time to put the long rod away and get out the bass rod. The fish are starting to come out of their winter slumber. They are putting on their feed bags. They are preparing for the spawn and need all the protein they can get. Everything is coming back to life.

But I can't wait for summer! The spawn is over. The fish move into summer feeding habits and its top water time! Nothing like catching some big ol' fat bass on some old school top water plugs. And not only do I get the shear joy of fishing but now the water is warm enough that I can enjoy a swim during a float. There is nothing like taking a cool dip in the water and enjoying a cold, crisp, clean Budweiser. That is what summers were made for!

That is my favorite season. What is yours??

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Fall used to be my least favorite time to fish. I used to almost dread winter, because it limited my fishing.

But the thing is, I just love rivers and river fishing so much that I kept fishing anyway, and began to appreciate the differences, and accept the problems. Summer is still the easiest fishing, but as you say, each season has its appeals, and now I actually look forward to each changing season.

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Fall is my favorite season for fishing, but summer is my favorite for catching...I have more success in the summers. But yeah, finally the heat and humidity is ending, everything gets pretty, and the days are cloudy and cool. Can't beat fall. I'm starting to enjoy the cold months more now, too, since I've picked up the long rod.

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Probably fall, followed closely by spring.

Fall's a great time to be outdoors in general. Cooler weather and beautiful colors make it a real treat. Leaves on the water -- well, not so great. It's also the prime time for some of my other interests including bird hunting and photography. The summer chores start to wind down, and I've got more time for the good stuff.

Spring -- well, it's warmer weather and just great to be outdoors more. Beautiful things to see, eat and photograph. I've always got a garden going, so spring's a busy time and fishing doesn't always happen so much. I love the Ozarks in spring.

And now, it's off to the strip pits...


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Lets start with right now. I love this time of year in Alaska, when the Monster Bows are on the bead and flesh just gorging themselves in prep for the winter months. I also look forward to returning to Missouri next week just in time to get on the browns as they are begining to run. That will keep me busy till mid November and then the cast and blasting begins. There is nothing like sitting in the middle of a decoy spread with a flyrod in hand and shotgun slung over your back catching trout on the dry fly while waiting for ducks to come in. In the middle of all this and carrying me till mid Feb is the catch and release season at the trout parks. This provides great oppurtunities to catch lunker trout during the winter months. Also during this time taking me till mid March is the chance of a shad kill coming through the dam at Lake Taneycomo. Fishing the shad kills is awesome! Early to mid March the white bass start running in our local streams and that is a true passion of mine. DD'sMC and I will chase the white bass all the way till May following them where ever they are running in Southern Missouri untill we leave again for Alaska. The 1st part of June most of the rivers up in Alaska open to fishing and the Giant Rainbows have once again formed packs like hungry wolves, and they work together to school up the smolt, chasing them to the surface, crashing and crushing them. This is some of the most exciting fishing I have done! The end of June the king salmon start coming in. To feel the power of the King of Salmon on the end of your line is spectacular! 1st of July the sockeye salmon start their return to fresh water. Watching hundreds of thousands of fresh sockeye salmon swim by while fishing for them will definately make for a busy day on the river. If you get tired of fishing for the salmon, the rainbows are still crushing smolt till early August. In early August the Silvers start showing up. Silver Salmon have got to be the favorite of all salmon fishermen. They are the most aggresive of the salmon species taking you on long runs deep into your backing with several leaps and complete flips in the air. Then the whole cycle starts over again.

I would have to say every day of the year is my favorite fishing season also!

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