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River Blown Out


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Well the Big Niangua River was blown out so Smallie fishing was out... Ended up fishing the big and little niangua arm of the lake and did pretty good on Crappie. Caught all of them on pearl colored jigs some were 2' under the dock foam others were 6-8' under the foam. Needed about 20' of water and cuaght most at the front of the well. Brush really didn't seem to matter they were just hanging out under the foam.

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Anything busting shad over that way ?

Yes but it is pretty hit or miss. Right now the lake is muddy down almost to Bridal cave and from Ha Ha Tonka to the Bridge is where the shad have been getting torn up by the Hybrids and whites. I actually think the Hybrids have been more active than I have seen in awhile.

Not alot of activity yesterday but I only fished from Bridal Cave to Double A.


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