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Report 9/21


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JEB was kind enough to take me in his boat (thanks dude!) this morning, we fished mid lake areas, caught maybe a dozen fish total, mostly spots. Topwaters, C-rigs, and swim jigs did the damage. Here's me with a topwater smallie. I was walking a pencil popper, it was fairly close to the boat, got a hit, missed it, but yanked the popper which went flying out of the water about a foot, and then this guy jumped into the air and grabbed the plug in mid air, it was very cool! Not only that but when I got him to the boat there were another 5 smallies that followed it in, I've seen spots do that but never smallies.


JEB caught this dude, we think it's a Meanmouth, it's colored like a smallie but has markings like it's got some spot genes in it. Had a water spot on the lens which blurs a little bit of the pic.


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I was out from 5pm till dark in the Monte area and caught serveral 17-19 in largemouth right of shore with senkos no weight.

Had some top water action out in 40-50 ft but they were all small spots, lots of shad balls on top in the back of Monte around dark.

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