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Lower James River Report 9/22 And 23


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Put in at Aunt's Creek Wednesday at 4:30pm and fished to 12:30pm Thursday. Was planning to fish till dark today but the darn wind killed me and the bite. I caught more short fish than I could count, seriously. I did pull the trifecta on keepers, one 16"Sm, one 16" Lm and one just barely 15" Spot. Smallie and Spot had been feeding on small crawdads. Mr. Lm didn't have anything in his mouth but by spinner bait. Caught a bucket full on a Missouri Craw Eagans jig with matching craw trailer till after 9:00. Threw a Midnight special spinner bait till after midnight. Lost all five of my favorite spinners. Two from grappy BPS Florocarbon, two I lost in the rocks and one was maybe a gar. I had just cut and re-tied on another rod with 15Lb P-line, first cast and a massive stick and boom, it was gone. Line end looked totally shredded. Bait weight made a huge difference. Spinner baits had to be 3/4 ounce single blade with a rattle and jigs had to be 1/2oz. I tried others with little luck. I did catch a few little spots on a medium diving white and ghost colored crank bait. I tossed a Yellow Magic before dark last night before dark with no takers.

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