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Chilly Mornings

Tito Degiosio

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Nothing like a little colder air temps to make it feel like fall

Put a rod in your hand and line in the water all you need after that is healthy rainbow to bite the hook

and thats what I'm after this morning

yesterday was a great day to be out and was rewarded with some nice fish after a long wade up river and a quick swim to the other side

met with my a friend from my old home town at greer we fished together like old times and manage to pick up some very healthy trout

and for the first time since we have been fishing together he caught the bigger fish for the day way to go Zack

He earned it after fighting the brush and thorns he manage to make a cast into a hole thats just hard to fish no matter which way you went

about it. After tying on one of my favorite flys the fight was on with a nice jump to get the blood flowing

Zack new he had another nice fish from the point

I laid down my rod and made my way to him for a helping hand in landing this fish in such strong currents

Zack had the feeling of pain and Joy at the same time. Lack of fishing Time Due to being in active duty for the last 6 years or so.

Plus hooking a hog resulted in muscle cramps

but he fought threw the pain and continued the fight this wonderful fish was landed and a quick photo snapped beofore it was

released unharmed

then shortly after the point gave life to a new breed of fisherman or fisher woman I should say

Zacks Girlfriend was rewarded with her very first Trout a healthy 16 incher Think it may have her hooked now cause she didn't lay down the rod for min.

after that.

It's amazing how much catching makes a difference in someone's injoyment of being on the water, it was clear to see thats for sure

I love that Face people Make when they catch there first Trout What a wonderful thing that its

The feeling I get from it is almost as exciting to me as it was the first time I caught a trout

Thats why I love what I do

Get out there folks and make some memories with a friend or a loved one take someone fishing that hasn't been before show them what you already know

Cherish Yesterday,Dream Tomorrow,Fish Today


Tito DeGiosio & Cydney Siri

Pleasnt Valley Cabin and Camping

(Home of the fresh baked pies)



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