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September 26Th Report


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It was cold!!! BOOOO!! I hate cold. Anyway, weather aside from this, it was a so-so day at the park. maybe its because I never go there during the season, but its 5 bucks just to get past the gate, which IMO is kinda stupid. it misted heavily while we were getting ready at the truck but shortly stopped. Fished the whole stream twice. Doesnt look like they have/had stocked it in a while. There were very very low numbers of fish in the stream. I was catching them in scatter places most of the day, fishing partner not so much luck. Overall, it was nice to go out and remove my trout skunk, plus test out the new rod/reel/line I got. Think I will stick to Montauk and the wild creeks for now.

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I was down there today the 27th. I couldn't agree with you more..I don't think they stock it at all anymore. In truth I only fished in the park for about 5 minutes...I made a b-line to the red ribbon area. I fished hard from the end of the park to the piles. I managed only 2 sickly looking trout in the entire stretch. I mean I think they might have been the only 2 out there...I didn't even see any others. It was a very disappointiong day. I was so excited with the cooling weather and rain we have had I figured that the red ribbon area would be great fishing. I was so wrong...what the heck is going on down there?

All in all it was a very pretty day on the water....I just wish there was some fish to go along with it.

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