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Sat 10-1

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Haven't posted much here because we just don't amke it down to the LIR. Never had much luck or learning good places to go (my fault). Since I'm an original Mizzou boy, we usually just head to RR. However, after talking to folks, reading on here, my wife and I decided to head to LIR and try again. Glad we did. Went to TM Gravel from advice from friend. I had forgotten about DaddyO mentioning that access closed (see my reply in his previous post about that). Went down to river and upstream a bit. Caught several stocker size on pheasant tail. When that died off, thought I would try some dry action and tied on Adams. Nothing, but saw my wife catching. "What are you using?" - "Adams"!! go figure. haha

Tied on a green booger type with black hackle. (something my wife tied for our Bennett springs trip that worked well up there) I just tossed it out and was stripping back and caught a few more. My wife tied on a black marabou and was stripping that and she caught 4-5 there also. Went to lunch and after went to Watts area. Not much luck there, a couple small one on red san juan worm. Headed back to early afternoon after great mornig of fishing, new interest in LIR, beautiful weather!

Also, as we went to lunch, just drove by the dam area and several people there. HOwever, we were the only two we saw all morning at T&M gravel. Except 5 deer that crossed the river. Sorry no pics of fish or deer, just memories! haha

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