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Fishing 10-7 Thru 10-10


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It's time for my annual trip with my Dad. We'll be leaving the Tulsa, OK area and traveling to Branson on Wednesday evening. We plan on fishing Taney, Norfork and White depending on the best generation schedule for each river while we are there. Also gonna try our hand at a little night fishing if the conditions permit.

Any advice on flies for this time of year on any of those river systems will be gladly used. For now, I plan on having a wide variety of zebra midges, scuds, sowbugs, PT nymphs, san juan worms, bobwhite, hair & copper and weighted egg patterns along with a few micro jigs. I also have a few hibernators tied up, some in black some in olive. Thinking on using them at night, maybe.

We'll be in a blue Ford Sportrac. Stop and say hello if you see us.


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