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Greers Ferry October Fishing Forecast

Cody Smith

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Hello All! Fall is officially upon us, well, at least that’s what the calendar says. One hot summer followed by one really warm autumn so far. Water temperatures are still hovering in the upper 70's and low 80's lake wide. I always look forward to that 10 degree drop in water temperature to really spur on a fantastic fall bite. This has happened a lot latter this year than in years past but October promises to bring about cooler temps and fantastic fishing opportunities for all species here on the reservoir.

This year has been a banner year for catch rates amongst our hybrid and white bass populations. I look for this fall to be filled with very high catch rates and some really big fish showing up quite regularly, maybe even another world record being caught. Over the last two months we have seen a 22.5lber and a 25lber which was weighed by the game and fish. The 27lb. 5 oz. World record mark fish is swimming in our waters waiting to be caught. During the next month look at main lake flats, bays and channel swings to all hold decent numbers of bait and our temperate bass species. During this month there will be a big push of shad to the backs of creeks and the rivers with these fish pursuing them the entire way. In-Line Spinners, Spoons, Grubs, Sammy’s and Spooks will all take good numbers of fish when presented under the correct conditions.

Walleye time is coming back around this month. Our cooling waters and shorter photo periods will be key in this bite getting kicked into gear. During the last couple of weeks of September we saw a slight increase in activity and I really look for the bite to get going in a hurry over the coming month with the peak bite coming in November. Live Bait along with the spoon option will be your two go too methods. Look at transition banks with shallow water directly adjacent to deeper river and small channel turns to be prime locations for boating our eyes. Another key deal will be following the large schools of shad and spooning below them for waiting hungry eyes.

All three species of our bass population’s will be pushing to main lake points, secondary points in the creeks and small flats adjacent to channel bends in the creeks and rivers. Look for some type of cover in these areas to hold the largest concentrations. Top waters, Spinner Baits, Cranks, Swim Baits and any minnow imitation will get bit right now on through the fall. Let light penetration and current condition’s dictate the speed and depth you fish.

October is one of my very favorite month’s to hit the reservoir. Greers Ferry and The Little Red River are wonderful fall fishing and camping destinations. Light traffic on the water and a Great Bite will be seen this month. Look for the last two weeks of the month for peak foliage colors and the very best bite to be seen on the reservoir. I look forward to fishing with each and every one of you in the future. If you have any question’s about the area or would like to book a day on the water please call or email and I’ll get back with you as soon as I can. (501)691-5701 fishgreersferry@gmail.com www.fishgreersferry.com Good Fishin` Cody Smith

Cody S. Smith


Little Red River & Greers Ferry Lake

Fish Greers Ferry Guide Service

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