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I'm coming to beaver lake october 16. I'm interested in fishing for striper but not sure what to use for bait and location. Also like to get into the whites. My home lake is lake of the ozarks so I'm sure its tottaly differnt. Any basic tips could help. Thanks

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Don't know if you've seen this week's fishing report from teh AGFC, so I thought I'd throw it out here:

Beaver Lake

As of Tuesday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reports the lake’s elevation at 1,116.57 feet MSL (Normal conservation pool - 1,120 MSL).

Bailey’s Beaver Lake Guide Service (479-366-8664) said be on the look out for surface activity from white bass and hybrids. Small stripers also are beginning to look to the surface. Stripers are on the move. They are following bait as it moves back upriver. Most stripers are being caught between 30 and 60 feet deep with some large fish caught near 100 feet deep. The fall pattern shift is beginning and the striper will begin relating to tapering points leading up to flats and/or humps where bait will be located. Night fishing is still good but the morning and afternoon bite is beginning to pick up. Check along bluffs and tree lines! Bombers, Redfins and umbrella rigs fished on down riggers are producing nice stripers when trolled at 1.5- 2.5 miles per hour just above the thermocline. The stripers really get active when they are generating. Live gizzard shad is the go-to for catching a trophy striper. The Roll Off Bluff Area (N36*24.699, W93*50.806) is holding some stripers right now. Also check the Goat Island Area in Rocky Branch (N36*20.562, W93*56.107 and N36*20.881, W93*55.179); The bluff at the escarpment (N36* 19.983, W93* 54.972) and the water intake (N36.326241, W93.893409 and N36.336267, W93.885341). Point 5 is holding large schools of nice stripers (N36*21.162 W93*52.452). Also check the Murdell area (N36*21.773, W93* 52.024). The GPS coordinates are location of striper during my latest outings. Remember the fish will change location from day to day and that the GPS coordinates give you a good starting point. Get out there and use your electronics! For daily Beaver Lake levels and flow data go to Bailey’s Web site and click on the Daily Beaver Lake Level and Flow info link.

JT’s Crappie Guide Service (479-640-3980) said bass have been biting well on slow-rolled spinner and buzzbaits early and late. During the day try a green or brown Carolina-rigged worm or lizard and fish them on main lake flats or over points in main coves 12 to 25 feet deep. Crappie fishing has been excellent on live and artificial baits. Minnow fisherman can find fish around brush piles in 18 to 30 feet of water. The best jig presentation has been to lower the jig to the bottom near the structure and retrieve steadily and slowly. Best jig colors have been black/chartreuse, white, gray and yellow/white. White bass have been starting to school early and late inside of main coves and on main lake flats. Look for the schooling activity and throw a minnow imitator into the school for best results. Catfishing has been best in the evening using liver or stink bait. Highway 12 bridge, Prairie Creek and Monte-NE have all been good. Bluegill have been along bluff lines and docks and can be caught on crickets 2 to 10 feet deep.

Southtown Sporting Goods (479-443-7148) said the water is clear and cooling. Bream are biting well on crickets. Crappie are fair on jigs in deep water. Bass are fair on soft-plastics, spoons and top-water lures. No report on catfish.

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Most of the stripers seem to be in the North end right now. I am not a big stripper fisherman, but that is where I see the striper guys. There is a guide known as fishingforexcellance on the table rock site alot that fishes for stripers on Beaver and if you send him a PM he will probally give you a good update.

I have run into him serveral times on the lake and he shares information without holding anything back, great guy.

I would look betwwen point 5 and the darn myself right now and maybe Rambo creek around the mouth.

The best way to fish for stripers seems to be ballons with live shad, but I always use jigging spoons or catch live shad and hang them down on a drop shot where I see large schools of shad on the locator.

Right now the shad a leaving the main lake and running up the creeks at night and back out during the morning, if you are on the shad you will find the whites.

If you are on the South end of the lake, contact Hickory Creek Marinia, great group of guys that can direct you to where the fish are being caught day to day and always have hot coffee going.

Hope that helps, hope the striper guys come along to give some better updates.

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