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Individual Health Insurance Policy


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I just found out my health insurance premiums at work will go from $120 per month up to $263 per month starting next January which is beyond ridiculous if you ask me. I am looking at trying to purchase a policy on my own. Has anyone done this or looked into this? I am have no known existing disabilities conditions etc and the policy would be just for me. I am really hoping I can find something cheaper than $263 per month. Don't be surprised if your health insurance premiums skyrocket as well. So many things I would like to say about the man in office. :angry:

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The man in office didn't raise your rates...your insurance company did.

I wouldn't even consider some cut-rate cheapo policy unless I was under 30, perfectly healthy, and had a bunch of money in the bank. Read the fine print closely before you sign up, remember that every insurance company puts profits before your well-being, and pray you never get seriously ill or injured. Good luck.

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I would be surprised if you can get an individual policy less than what your employer will charge. Also you are somewhat protected by your group plan should you have a catastrophic illness or injury in that it would be difficult for the plan to 'drop' you. Not necessarily so for an individual plan.

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Better stay where your at with your insurance. If its a decent plan expect to pay $500- $750 a month per person to replace it.

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We've been with this company for at least 10 years. They've done a fine job covering several hospital stays, even when one of them they could have denied because of a doctor's misdiagnosis.

This topic has the possibility to go political... don't go there. This could be a great thread to help people talk about good alternatives WITHOUT bashing the President or politicians.


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I am not in the same boat as you, but in one on the same stream. The plan offered at my work is absolute crap. It covers very little. I am shopping myself. I have seen rates a LOT better than what I expected. Have a few different agents give you quotes and let them know you are shopping multiple agents. I will echo what others have said about reading the fine print. Also Aflac is decently priced for the benefits you can get from it. I have it and may end up going with it only for a while and carrying "full" coverage on the wife and kid.

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Just for my $0.02.....stay where you're at. My wife had to go the private route and it....so far....is not so good. It is a known company and the first time we needed to use it, they are trying to be difficult. We did look at the company that Phil posted...most likely should've gone with them. Oh well, hind sight is always 20/20.


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I'll add this, $263 a month is still a good price, especially if it's a good plan with low deductibles, good medication coverage and free well visits and tests. I have looked as some high deductible plans (Blue Cross, Aetna) and prices are around $250/month, and with low deductible can go over $400, so if you've got good coverage at $263 you're probably better off sticking with it. Also check medication coverage, med prices can be outrageous.

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I'm thinking of giving up my good paying job in exchange for Medicaid/free health insurance, food stamps and a fat income tax return every april.... If only I had three more kids to draw on, I'd never have to lift a finger again!!! lol

Seriously though, usually your group plan through work is the better deal.. Buying in bulk almost always pays in the end...


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Your increase could be due to the insurance company or your employer or both.

Health insurance is one the most difficult thing to analyze and also one of the most important. I would shop it around quite a bit, and try to find someone in the know that will help you understand all the ins-and-outs of your work policy and other options. There are a lot of variables to consider.

As others have said, group policies typically offer more bang for the buck than an individual policy.

The problem with policies through work is you get what they offer and that's that. It may or may not be a good policy at a good price.


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