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Need A New Spinning Reel


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Looking for a couple new 2000 series spinning reels, price not an issue....I want something smooth & reliable that can hold up to canoe use and that is not prone to major malfunctions. (Save your breath if your a Shimano fan......I've had too many binding problems over the years)...Any suggestions?

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I'm curious as to what the problems with Shimano spinning reels are? I've seen others post problems too. Personally I've got 3 Shimano "trigger" spinning reels that I've had for probably 20 years. They didn't cost much to begin with and they still work great despite years of abuse (no maintenance, canoes, etc). Maybe they don't build them like they used to?


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I am a fan of the higher end Shimano reels....if price isn't an issue go with a Shimano Stella. It is honestly IMO the finest spinning reel made. The drag system is unbelievable! Mine has never had any binding issues... I love my stella, but the $500 price tag is extreme for most people, but if you fish often and like high quality the Stella is the reel to go with! Throw it on a glx loomis and itll be good to go :D

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The shimono binding up when wet is all luck of the draw. Think I have 5 or 6 of them and 3 of them bind up when wet. They wont own up to the problem either. Its not good when you pay big money for them .

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My shimano's have had lots of binding problems...they just arent good reels for kayak & canoe fishing...the work fine for a couple months then the binding starts..Replaced my Shimano's with Daiwa's, then US Reel Supercasters (got em at wholesale price), and those didnt work out either..didnt bind but they had other issues...

Anyway, I picked up an Abu Soron and a Plueger President about a month ago...will see how they hold up. Cheers.

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I just got 2 Pflueger Supreme XT's and love them. i can put 300 yards of 10-15lb braid on them (40 series) and the drag is amazing. really smooth reels, had them both for about 2 months so far and love the quality and smoothness. plus they have the gold bling going on. next years models are all black... ie, the gold ones are on sale if at cabela's for $70 and they are normally $130 or $140 i think. saltwater and braid ready. 6.2:1 ratio if you want 5.4:1 then look at the President XT models. the xt's have the saltwater bearings and a different handle than the non xt models. I dont like the wooden handle on the non xt models and the price cannot be beat.

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