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How Are The Crowds Below The Park

Joe C

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I fished Tan Vat and Baptist sunday 9/26 and last thursday. Niether day were there many people on the river or at the put in. I'd say I saw less then 10 folks each day and only fished w/in 100 yds of only one person for a short period. I'd suggest starting by 7am, not only to avoid those who intrude on fishing, but the fishing was best before 10am. Light green BH wooly worked best for me. Fish the trico hatch when they are rising. San Juan worms worked a bit when things slowed down and a couple I spoke with last week caught a bunch on WD-40s under an indicator.

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Fished down from Baptist last Friday afternoon, and I had to work at the isolation bit of it. Saw about 12 cars, had 8 people come back upstream as I was putting in, and then a couple people low hole me as I started. And when I say low holed, I mean they fished a drift until their fly was straight out from me, and then took a few steps around, casted again, and kept moving. Gave the river 20-30 minutes to rest. Had another couple guys come back upstream. I think it's gonna be crowded til the cold scares everyone else off. I can't wait for November.

And if at all possible, please use the trail when coming back up so as not to spook fish for those wanting to fish downstream. It's easier walking, as well. Plus, you just might stumble upon some wild edibles if you're looking.


WARNING!! Comments to be interpreted at own risk.

Time spent fishing is never wasted.

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Too many people fishing on Sunday 10 October. Tan Vat parking lot had 5 vehicles and 3 guys rigging up. Went to Parker, only two fish to show. Back upstream of Tan Vat, got 'crowded' by park 'fishermen', right up to me, 10' away, drifting their egg patterns into my drift, (WTF? We're not in the park here!) Got away from them upstream. Had some action on midges. Returned back to my original hole and got some decent 'bows on RL w. SJW dropper. Also had some luck with the same rig with different droppers under through the boulders.

Found beer cans and styrofoam night crawler holders at the 'bluff hole' above Parker. Between these things and a long dry spell with no fish--10AM -2PM, it was a challenging day. A strong finish saved it though.

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