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Stockton-- Thursday 10/21


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Put in at Ruark again. Went to where we had been finding crappie in past. Still showing plenty of fish on graph. We had 9 keepers before noon with about that many shorts. More shorts to keepers than in the past. Still on minnows about 14 1/2'. Did catch a couple of short blacks on jigs. About noon someone thru the switch and the bite was gone. Stayed with it for an hour and no more so moved to another cove. Found several short blacks and in the next cove found a few crappie, these were in about 19' of water. I don't think we had a keeper crappie on jigs all day. Ended up the day with 12 keepers and 1 large perch. Probably had that many or more short crappie.

Seem to be more people on the water yesterday and most weren't staying in one spot long. Sometimes we stay too long. Water temp 69*

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