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Turned over a few rocks Friday. Lots of "life" down there....

clinger mayfly


Golden stonefly and caddis cases



Big caddis larva or cranefly larva ? (not sure...anyone know?)


variety of little mayflys and aquatic worms (stonefly food !)


I saw a few big black stoneflys also but it's hard to catch them without a net, they jump ship pretty quick as soon as you pick up the rock. The smaller golden stones were pretty thick, I could have filled a bucket with them if I'd kept at it very long.

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Nice pictures. I wouldn't have suspected the Niangua would be that full of stoneflies. I've only fished there a couple times, but it doesn't strike me as a prototypical stonefly river like the Eleven Point or North Fork.

Anyway, thanks for posting. The next time I head down that way I'll make sure to have plenty of Golden Stones in the box.

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Clinger mayflies, and golden stones are pretty common on many streams in MO...But since brown trout & smallmouth are present...I'd be more inclined to fish something the size of a stoneroller or bleeding shiner minnow. Think the unidentified bug is a riffle beetle larva, or an alderfly larva..not sure. Cheers.

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Jeremi, The yellow stones ranged from a size 12 upward to about a size 8, the larger they are the lighter (more yellow, less brown) they tend to be.

Not sure it matters though, because nearly every fish I've ever gutted from the Niangua (no matter how "wild looking" and colorful), will have nothing in its stomach but moss and snails. Then again I never kill the bigger ones, so who knows.

How long do you suppose the average stocker has to be in the river before it learns how to eat right ?

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I fished Barclay Monday. Water was up and little off colour. I did not turn over any rocks. In hindsight, I should have and will next time. Fishing was slow as in nothing.

A strike indicator is just a bobber...

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