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Jan 15, 2011


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Wife and I hit the river about 12:30 pm. water was about three units, temps was low 50's.

Made our run up river in one of our favorite places, Ranchette to the Rim Shoals area.

New boat was a bit slower but rides nice, does spin a bit more on our drift down river.

Anyway I used Rainbow trout colored jerk bait with good success, she used several colors of power bait with Sunrise being the best.

The trout were feeding heavy I think because of the past low water or no water.

Wife did very well on some rally fat rainbow, many 14-16 inch fat bows and awesome colored breeding males. I t sure is hard for me to let her release those super colored fish.

I was strictly lure fishing. I caught 23 brown trout with only two of them under 12 inches. all was really fat but one. Some really sharp males with hook jaws! at 14-15 inches Had one really nice long fish 21 inches but he was skinny not 10 inches circumference! I had the hook break at the boat on a nice brown that was heavy. Nice boat wife was able to spin around in the seat and get the net!! Caught 2 brookies and a few nice bows. So it was a darn good short trip time wise.

Tied my best day for browns,wanted to stay longer but we were at the ramp and the sun was fast dropping behind the hill.

Near the end of the catch and release area is an new eagle nest with a pair if eagles near by. Both mature, but the smaller of the two appears to be the male as to the actions they were doing on the limp. I had been told and saw shows all my life that eagle mated in the air, Not so!!!

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dont really think its been cold enough long enough for a shad kill. there may be a few small ones coming thru.

Slow with twitches and let it rest and drift a few feet then repeat.

I just got an email minutes ago a fellow caught and released a five lb 4 1/2 ounce Cutthroat last week plus week before a rather large brown was caught. I am trying to the the pics.

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