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Sunday Longboat Trip

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Had the priveledge of fishing with Kyle and Aaron Scott on Sunday out of Kyle's longboat. With the forecast being for dreary overcast skies we decided to go from Sunburst to James and hoped to catch a few nice browns slinging streamers. The pesky sun made for a gorgeous day on the river but slowed the brown trout fishing to a crawl. Caught or missed a decent number of rainbows between Sunburst and Patrick and did manage a few browns on the lower end, including a few Kyle caught on a streamer. Kyle let me captain the longboat some which I really enjoyed, and fishing from this unique boat was a pleasure as well. Saw one other boat on the river early on, but after that had the river to ourselves. Kyle brought some homemade chili which he heated up for lunch (much better than my PBJ). And washed it down with a little hot cider (thank you Mr. Dickens). The longboat was the way to fish in this low water as we could go shallower than even a canoe it seemed. Overall a wonderful day on the river even though the fishing was mediocre at best.

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The longboat is the perfect craft to be rowing on the river especially after serving chili. Just another "drafting" benefit of the longboat. When building one the length of the boat should be in direct proportion to the amount of chili consumed. :blink:

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