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From The Pond Just East Of Here ...


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Looks like the stick bait bite is on bigtime on Bull Shoals. This from the Baxter Bulletin newspaper on Monday ...

Fred Hale and Waco Johnson brought a tournament-record five-bass limit totaling 29.19 pounds to the scales at Buck Creek Marina on Bull Shoals Lake Saturday to win the Winter Bass-O-Thon event.

The duo from West Plains, Mo., also hooked the big bass of the day with a 6.42-pounder and won a combined $1,750 on the day.

Lynn Luther of Viola and Anthony Gates of Tuckerman finished second with 19.32 pounds, while Jason Davidson and Darren Tilley of Protem, Mo., placed third with 18.45 pounds.


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How would you like to be the 19lb bag guys? Coming in on a cold winter day with 19 lbs, grinning from ear to ear . And then get beat by 10 pounds !

Dennis Boothe

Joplin Mo.

For a nation to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing

in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle."

~ Winston Churchill ~

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Very impressive! Congrats to those gentlemen! Can't even imagine what it would be like to cull a 5 pounder. You couldn't slap the smile off my face as I idled up to the ramp!

Believe for me, that would be as I idled up to the ramp way early of quitting time.

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