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Creek Chubs


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Does anyone know how to consistently catch creek chubs, this time of year???

Do I need to buy a glass minnow trap?

I've tried the black metal ones, with no success?

I'm pretty ignorant and inexperienced at catching live bait in these clear water streams.

Any advice, directions, or short stories are welcome.

Just like to know how ya'll do it.

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I don't personally trap minnows, but I think those around here that do use mason jars with the screw on funnel you can buy to make them in to a trap. Not sure what they bait them with.

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Minnow traps, instead of cast netting.

I gotta bad back and would rather let the trap do the work.

I live on a small creek that's full of chubs and I've gotta catch some.

Cabin fever has set in and I see these darn chubs every day.

I just want to use em for crappie/catfish next time I go to the lake.

I hate buying minnows and bait.

Plus, I could keep a livebait box down there in the creek.

24/7 bait

Also, I want to know the exact colors of these chubs so I can match the hatch.

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Quillback beat me to it. The Kings river regulars swear by the large chubs for the walleye that will be moving within the next 4 or 5 weeks.

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get a glass or plastic trap and put a full sleeve of saltines in. face the opening downstream and leave it for a few hours. Your wasting your time with a cast net. If the fish arent fast enough then the rocks will catch it. The only other option is a seine.

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