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Navionics Maps?

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My frugal nature was overcome by the Bass Pro $210 for a GPS capable Eagle 480. I have been told that I need to add navionics maps to make it more useful. One guy told me I do not want the platinum in this inexpensive unit. It appears you can buy Hotmaps for about $100 or Hotmaps Prem. for $150. I primarly use it for crappie fishing on Pommde, Stockton, Truman, LOZ, Table ROck, Bull Shoals, Norfork, Beaver, Mark Twain, Greers Ferry, Reelfoot. Do not know what I need. Suggestions ideas, are there used ones from guys who upgrade around? Then guess I need a SD card and reader to download fish attractors from the MDC site? Any help appreciated


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you are right. the inexpensive chip is the one you will need. I think it is the Hotspots map. It will do you just fine. To get the MDC spots loaded, you will have to load them on a memory card and trnafer them to your gps unit. If you don't want to use the SD card reader, you could always manually punch in the latitude/longitude of every point. (no thanks..lol)

As far as used ones, I would check the catalog outlet at bass pro.

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I have both the Low and Nav cards. They offer different stuff for the fisherman. Nav has better contours but Low shows stump fields and is better with creek and river channels.

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