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Brush Piles ?


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Is there any brush piles Down around highpoint yet I know last year. They did'nt come down the lake that far. And is that the only place where the fish are? And how deep are the crappie? I would like to know If the fish are up the lake out of highpoint in deeper water. Need to find a map where the brush is. I faired pretty good this spring on the crappie. But this is'nt spring this is jan. It is gonna be 54 degree's fri. and just as warm sat. Thinking about going bank fishing like to know where the Brush is around highpoint Thanks a Million Huckfinn...

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thank you straw hat. you thr the best on this web site. It is the same as last year map and they have not come on down the lake with the brush piles. It stops at the bridge. 215 that is. Im still gonna go Sat. maybe fri. Off the bank. They gotta be hungry...

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