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January 23 Report

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Fishing is good on the Tailwaters lately. This is one of the years the AGFC stocks fingerling browns, so there are quite a few little guys moving below the dam. Earlier morning and later evening has brought about some very good midge action. Size 18-22 dries in olive and cream. Take an extra 5 minutes before you walk in the water to see where the fish are holding. It is always told that you should find the rise, and to cast to it. Well to take that a step further, if you can eye ball a few different rises, you can get a good idea of where the fish are holding. Maybe tight to structure, in a seam, in a channel line, etc. As I first approached the waters I noticed there were a lot of dimples very close to the underwater structure. Along a tree trunk and also downstream of the large rocks. I tied on a very simple fly that consisted of a # 18 scud hook, 3/32oz copper beadhead, and black Hares Ice dubbing. This seemed to be the ticket adjusted under an indicator. The black and copper look in a zebra midge is always a sure bet in Tailwaters all over the country, and the "simple fly" did well also. With the Ice Dubbing, as you catch fish and their teeth chew the fly, it gets a bit rattier, and uglier........a sure sign fish will eat it. It has been said "trout don't live in ugly places", well they don't live there, but they love to eat ugly things. I continued to drift along the lines I was seeing rises. Fish were in the middle of the water column. Very subtle takes. I worked my way down stream covering a good bit of water. As I got away from the structure and into the flats, the fish seemed to be less concentrated. Not many rises, and the fish were schooling instead of holding in one spot. There were very few fisherman to begin with, but along with the morning sun came a few more. It is always great to see other fly fisherman out enjoying the oddly warmer days of mid-January on the Beaver Tailwaters.

Zack Hoyt

OAF Contributor

Flies, Lies, and Other Diversions

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