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Caring For Our Streams


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Only when you are mudding in (or right on) the streams. Like those morons.

Yeah, I dunno why anyone would be opposed to them tearing up their own back 40..

Anybody here got mudders like these?


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I saw alot of ATV damage working in the Boone National Forest in southern Kentucky- clear upland streams turned into turbid mudholes, streambanks and riparian corridors stripped of vegetation, gullies forming where folks had tried going straight up hills. I've seen similar destruction on a few MDC accesses on the Missouri River. If destroying your own property is your prerogative I can't say much, but I have absolutely zero respect for the folks who do it in public property.

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That's common on the Kings at the 62 bridge. But Arkansas conservation has it under control I'm sure, given their superior work they must believe it's good for the river.:lol::lol::lol:

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This used to happen on the Upper Black River around Lesterville, but all of it has been stopped. It is illegal to ride motorized vehicles of any type in any stream in Mo. You can only cross at legal crossings or ford streams for agricultural purposes.

There are several places that do it on private land, but they are not allowed to disturb streams outside of their property.

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Tennessee shuts down almost all of it's OHV trails down during winter due to the increased erosion that occurs during the winter. The local fishermen put some serious pressure on the state and the state actually went out, did some studies and concluded that the fishermen were correct and OHV trails are mostly shut down now. There are still a few that are open over winter and it brings a lot of heat from fishermen as one of the trails is above the Tellico river and sedimentation has been increasing in that watershed. Last I heard TDNR was holding public hearings to discuss the closure of ALL state OHV trails during winter months.

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