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Fishing Report 2-5-11


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We needed some fish for stupor bowl sunday so we headed down below Cedar Grove to see if there were any fish.

Got there around 8 and had the river to our selves. Fished above big creek first and caught several there. That section has really deepened and hold lots of fish, usually. Went down below big creek and caught 2 more. Several more anglers are here by now so we head up to the bluff to round out our stringers. my buddy caught 1 more there( last picture.)



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nice fish.

somewhere, the head of a fly fisherman from East MO. just exploded.

I bet they ate good.

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Thanks for the report. Looks like a great time...May head out on some White ribbon water this weekend...fish fry hopeful...

There is still a biggun in that bluff hole. I was down on sun. and several had it hooked up but had broke off.looks to be 7 or more lbs.

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