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Results - Crappie Slayers Tournament Series


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Sorry for the delay in the results, family is heavily involved in the fireworks business and I got tied up the last few days!

It was a great tournament for the catching, although the pleasure boats were out thick early - what a zoo!

The biggest crappie I've ever seen from Pomme was weighed in on Sunday - Jim Bacon landed a 2.8 pound crappie, what a BEAST! Hopefully we'll have some pictures to post later on.

Here's how it went:

1. Bacon/Bacon 7.17

2. Hall/Reth 7.14

3. Bowers/Peterson 5.90

4. Shockley/Stokes 5.50

5. Newman/Ginnings 5.21

6. Farrell/Farrell 4.92


1. Bacon/Bacon 2.80

Have your visited Limitville lately?

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