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Montauk Report For 7/5


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Got a chance to get out and do a few hours fishing Yesterday, and the fishing was pretty good. All the weekenders had gone back to their asphalt world's and left some good size trout behind for the enjoyment of the lucky ones who was able to stay.

I made a choice of not fishing the fly area and go into the bait area with flies to see what I could do. I started below the 119 bridge and fished all the way to the loop 4 camping area. I had very little luck till I got to the gabions. I only managed to hook up with 2 stockers and a big chub minnow. The Governor's (Rock Hole just below the hatchery pools) was lined with about 6 anglers with dough bait and spinners. All has fish on stringers and had the hole surrounded. I started down the big flat water behind the lodge and things started to turn around on both the catching and the size of the fish. I noticed some sippers rising over the grass on the what everyone thinks would be the non productive water on the left side bank. I drifted a #16 Li's Hottie over the grass and had a good size (16-18") come up and look. I was using 5x tippet and saw that I needed to go down on size. I switched over to 7x and on the third drift hooked up with one of the lookers. (2lb).

As I was about 100 yards from the campground bridge I switched over to a #16 Rubberleg Stimulator, and on the first drift hooked up with a 19" beautiful Rainbow (3.5lb.) The stocked hole under the bridge had 5 or 6 anglers all gathered up in the shade of the bridge so I walked over the road and re entered the river just below the bridge. This was a chance to change up flies because of the swifter flow and the rock structure that is in the area. I put on a Olive #16 Wooly Bugger and on the first drift hooked up with a 12" rainbow. I spotted a good trout rising on the grass just below a chute between two rocks. I put on a #18 Griffiths Gnat and after three drifts got the fish to rise and look. Three more drifts nothing, so I changed to a #16 Black/ Blue Crackle-back, That was what the fish was looking for. The fish was a Brown Trout that measured 20.5". I heard later that a 11 year old boy had caught a big brown in the same place the day before and it went 6 lb. Don't know if he released it or not if so Thank You!

From the chute I caught the brown to the Handicap area in the camp ground I hooked up with 6 more 10-16" fish on the Crackle Back & a put on a #16 black Wolly Bugger. Below the old bridge at the handicap area I caught 3 nice 14" fish. I only had one more event that was fun, just above the loop4 camp area I had a Brown Trout that took everything except the fly line. rod, reel, & arm. I think it was on the side of 8lb. (But in may have been 25lb. The big ones always get away don't they?)

I do this little adventure about once every year and I am amazed at how many good size fish are hiding in places people don't think hold fish. A Lot of cast per fish but the quality of fish and fishing un-fished water inside a trout park is worth it.

Take a Child Fishing they are the future of the sport.

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