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Report For 7-7

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Vegetation in the stream was being cut today. The water levels are normal with the water having that blue tint to it that looks good in the photos and post cards. Sight fishin' is no problem. Lots of fish to be caught and a few bragging size. Good fighters that like to clear the water several times for a look around before coming to the net. Storms have played havoc with the trees in the park but the chaisaws are out and it's looking pretty good. Didn't have any problems looking for casting room. Seemed to be bigger fish at the lower end of the park. Crowds not really an issue. Caught most of mine on bright worms and green or white jigs. Caught my largest playing with a brown wooly. Starting to enjoy this fly rodding for beginners. The family upstream was having great success with orange and green power baits. They have a problem with 1 of the wells so no drinking water in the camp grounds.

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