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Wanting To Rent A Canoe

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Were can I rent, borrow, barter, or trade for a cheap canoe? I am not wanting to know of rental/float company that drops you off five miles up river with a bunch of drunks. What I am looking is some to borrow or rent a canoe from to go put in when and were I want and go and stay ad long as I want even overnight. I would even be up for a shared float your canoe and can use my truck to haul or park at the take out. I would also be interested in barring for work or labor for use or ownership. I would even be willing to trade my extra deer rifle for the right one.

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No better place to start than craigslist...

Don't think you'll have much luck with the borrowing or renting of people's personal canoes. I know I wouldn't go for that. You can get a used up beater that still floats for pretty cheap.

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I understand your request completely!! The best way to fish/float is to put on earlier than the outfitters are willing as well as at accesses that the outfitters don't go to..

I tell ya what ya do..

You buddy up to one of these guys that lives close to the river and owns the type of craft you want access to.. And I don't mean wine em and dine em, I mean actually befriend them. Then present them with this same request...

Without a solid friendship I wouldn't be willing to loan my (kinda nice) canoe or John boat to anyone, even if they seem like good folk... Just too much responsibility and I'd feel like a jerk if something happened and I had to hold your feet to the fire to repair the problem.. All this could be overcome with a good friendship, even an online friendship...

So where are you from, BM?


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Another option is to put racks on your vehicle and find an outfitter that will rent to you. haul it to your choice of put

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check out water hikers in ozark mo they rent canoe's and kayak's and you take it to your spot and then take it back and im sure they will do a two day rental and they are the best bet for rentals like that

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