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Crappie Report


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Made it out to the lake today, it was a cool beautiful morning. What a nice break from what we've had the last few days. This report is a drastic change from last week, last week we had limits in a few hours, this week we were just dreaming of enough to have for dinner - what a difference!

Had six, yes only 6, from 6 - 11 this morning. Actually had several bites just couldn't get the hook set. Tried all kinds of stuff, shorter jig etc.... still couldn't get the little boogers to cooperate. The fishing trip was good, company great, catching...well at least I made it to the lake!

Did see two very unique things I've never seen:

1. Shad were swimming around the surface every where, from this years hatch to season vets. Was privileged to watch a crappie swim up (visability was probably 1.5' or so) attack a shad and dive back to the safety of his tree!

2. Able to catch a crappie bust a school of shad, come out of the water and flop three times on the surface and then dive back in like a submarine!

Great day to all,


Have your visited Limitville lately?

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Thank you for you're report. There doesn't seem to much activity on this forum, it sure would be nice to see more reports.

I live on Pomme but don't get to fish much, however when I retire in two years I will be a fishing fool, and will contribute them.

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