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Fly Tying Vise

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About 15 yrs ago my Mom and Dad bought me a fly tying vise. (it was a Bass pro kit) it broke this weekend BSSP. I need a new one,. I cann't spend alot on one. Do any of you have any sugestions on one to buy that is under $80. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim F

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Go to the flyfishohio.com web site and you will find an excellent review of vises in several price ranges. Hook and Hackle sells a vise called EZ-Rotary for around $50 which is a fairly decent vise. It's covered in the review at flyfishohio.


Just saw where the EZ-Rotary is on sale for $40 at Hook&Hackle

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I'd either go with the danvise or the griffin odessey spider vise is not bad ~$90 I think. you can add a base (maybe cut down the stem) if you're so inclined.

Never heard of the ez rotary but from looking at this:


I'd say it might take the best cheap vise title. Especially for the cost - about what a couple pairs of good tying scissors should cost.

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http://cgi.ebay.com/MAYFLY-TRUE-ROTARY-FLY-TYING-VISE-ACCESSORIES-/190531330049 Check out this vise, I bought one at the SowBug last year and love it. Dont have any trouble with hooks from #1 - #24. Only thing I did was put a new thumb screw on the bottom of the jaws to make it easier to tighten the jaws.


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Look for a Thompson Model A vise. I've been using one for over 50 years and its still good. Should be in the range of $35.00

Love the Thompson A, Rolan.

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